Saturday Mornings : Updates

3 April 2012

The launch of the new look Saturday Mornings will take place on Friday 6 April!
26 March 2012

Work on the new version of Saturday Mornings is progressing very nicely but as we're bolting a few new ideas together to provide a better user experience things are taking a little longer that we originally planned.

Keep an eye on this page as we hope to be relaunching in April!
18 February 2012

It's been quite a while since we posted an update, but unfortunately we've had other things going on in our lives keeping us away from our beloved Saturday Mornings website (a young girl and younger twin boys if you're interested..!)

Anyway, we've re-started work on our brand new revision of Saturday Mornings and we're somewhat pleased with what we've managed to cobble together so far. The joy of the new version is that the content is all delvered through a single custom database driven environment. This means page creation and maintenance is a lot more simple that it is in the current version so we can ultimately utilise our precious website time far more usefully.

So, watch this space for more news of the all new Saturday Mornings!
23 September 2010

We've just completed a rather time consuming project to move all of the Saturday Mornings audio and video over to a new server which will aid us as part of the site's rebuild that we'll be starting work on sometime soon. Hopefully you'll not notice any difference...
9 September 2010

We've brought things up to date (at least to December 2009) by tidying up the TMi About and Datasheet pages. More updates as we approach our 10th anniversary!
25 June 2009

Look! An Update!!!

Ok, only a small one but an update none the less. Sorry about the lack of site updates this year, but we've just had far too much going on away from the site to manage them.

Anyway, we've added 3 new Publicity Cards to the site. One is in the CBBC section featuring Liam Dolan, and more importantly we've got a pair of cards for the Summer section from The Saturday Picture Show featuring Mark Curry and Cheryl Baker.

More updates soon we hope...
1 March 2009

New site material coming soon...

Due to numerous other commitments we've been unable to dedicate any decent time to updating the site since December, but hopefully things will start to change in the coming weeks. Watch out here for updates to the site!
December 2008

It's that time of year again when we get out the modest site decorations (remember the snow the original version of the site had?) and this year we've swapped three of the home page images for festive ones - watch out for them...

We've made far too many excuses this year about site updates, so we'll do our best to squeeze at least one more in before Christmas. We're going to see if we can dig out some entertaining old video from Swap Shop that was broadcast in the early 1980s... fingers crossed..!
October 2008

Here all of the updates for the site that have been building up whilst other things have been taking our attention...

We've added three Publicity Cards to the CBBC section and three to the Xchange section too. There numerous new Archive items in the CBBC section and the Badges section see a now rare Going Live! badge added to it. The Magazines section has issue 186 of Fast Forward magazine that heralded the final edition of Going Live! and the L&K Magazine archive has two new issues in the shape of numbers 6 and 79.

And finally, we've also added the titles for TMi series 3 which can be seen in the programme's Sound and Video section.
August 2008

It's always about this time of the year that we seem to miss the odd month without updating the site - and so it happens again...

Hopefully we'll get a bit of time to produce some regular updates as the year progresses, but for now we've added set of videos that we've been sitting on since 2006. They're the titles for Dick and Dom's All Time Top Ten Favourite Games broadcast in the last ten weeks of the show. It's an annoyingly catchy tune...
June 2008

We've got over our Update problems - at last - so here are a few new bits to entertain you.

Firstly we tempted you with it, so here it is... We've dug out the Collectors special from Swap Shop where Harry Copter made his appearance, and memorable it was too. You can find a specific 'Harry Copter' page in the Swap Shop section.

We've added a new page to our Features section on some of the best Media Appearances that Saturday Mornings has made over the last few years (blowing our own trumpet, but we don't care!)

And to finish things off for now, we've added a new Publicity Card to the CBBC section featuring the 'new' boy Ed Petrie.
April 2008

We've added a 'search' box and button to the site's header so that you can now look for specific content from any page on the site instead of just the Home Page.
March 2008

We've started to use Flash for our Sound and Video clips instead of Real Media. The first batch of videos have been converted (mostly Swap Shop and TMi) so look out for the Flash logo in the Sound and Video galleries.
February 2008

We've introduced a page in the Swap Shop section to cover the revival of the show in the shape of Basil's Swap Shop.

There are a couple of new items for the Archive this month. In the CBBC section we've got hold of a CD ROM preview that was issued to promote the recent CBBC relaunch, and in the Other Items section you can now find a computer game of the great Going Live! game show 'Double Dare'.

The BBC Programme Catalogue continues to be unavailable as it has been since late last year, so unfortunately our programme catalogue pages which rely on the BBC data feeds are rather blank...
January 2008

Our first update of 2008 sees the additions to the Archive. In the CBBC section we've added a bag, mouse and mouse mat - all from the 'Bugs' era. The more important new archive item is a Saturday Superstore script that was used during the relevant show by Mike Read.

Our thanks to the TMi Team for their superb contributions to the site during series 2, and two final Christmas pictures sent through to us can be see in the TMi Publicity Picture section.

And in case you were wondering, we haven't forgotten about Basil's Swap Shop, we just haven't got around to it yet...
December 2007

Another year draws to an end, and we're just tidying up the site in time for a Christmas Break.

Over in the TMi section, we've installed the latest two sets of Be My Friend Posters, and you'll also find the show's Christmas 2007 title sequence.

Publicity Cards updates come in the form of an additional card for the CBBC section featuring Anne, and most excitingly for us the Summers section has a revised card from the Saturday Picture Show signed by both Mark Curry and Maggie Philbin, and there's also a new card of Mark Curry.
November 2007

We've just found some time to update the site with a few bits that have been gathering dust for the past month...

Over in Dick & Dom's Publicity Card section you'll find a signed card from the last year of the show that joins the pre-print we already had.

And in the Archive we've added a sticker sheet and a glow in the dark window sticker from the CBBC Bugs era, but most excitingly for us is the acquisition of a 1983 Get Set badge - how easily we are pleased!

And for a final update for November we've got a couple more sets of TMi Be My Friend posters - we've got the Scooby Doo and Too Much Information Street sets - both of which can be seen in the TMi section.
October 2007

It's always a joy when a publicity card from one of the Summer Replacements comes along as they're a bit of a rare beast, so we're delighted to find a Fully Booked card from the Kate, Chris and Tim era.

Thanks again to TMi team for sending through the three Football based Be My Friend posters featuring 'Sven', 'Scholes' and 'Ronaldo' - you can find them in the TMi section's Be My Friend Page.

Thanks to a link tip-off from Dave Nightingale we've now got the L&K 0181 811 8181 phone jingle - you can find it in both the L&K Sound and Video Gallery and the Give Us A Call On... Feature.

Continuing the TMi Be My Friend collection of posters, we've been sent, once again by the TMi team, the latest ones available from the official site. These are a set of mobile wallpapers and both the 'Idiot' and 'High School Musical 2' series - check them all out in the TMi section.

And a final set of TMi posters for October with the addition of the Flacky Rotter series to the site.
September 2007

From the start of the month until the launch of the new series on 8 September the site featured TMi Takeover. We replaced the normal Site Header and Home Page Pictures with TMi themed versions, but you could use the link on the home page to revert back to the normal look it you preferred it. Our thanks to the TMi Team for their continued support towards Saturday Mornings by sending us the pictures.

These pictures can be seen in their full glory in a new page in the TMi section of the site.

Thanks again to the TMi Team we've got two collections for the site. We've got the new TMi Publicity Cards so they're on display in the appropriate place, and also an exclusive look at some Campaign Posters connected with a new feature on the show - check them out in the TMi section!

We've also just added a selection of series 2 video clips in the TMi section - two trailers, the show's introduction and the titles and opening.
August 2007

Welcome to the latest version of Saturday Mornings.

It's more evolution than revolution meaning that we keep the highly distinctinve look but at the same time there's a whole new site beneath the surface which employs up-to-date techniques making the maintenance and updating much easier.

You'll notice that there are a few 'content casualties' with the new look, the most prominent being the Polls.

The most fun bit about this new version is the opportunity for YOU to customise the way parts of the site are displayed using My Custom Saturday Mornings which you can acess from the Custom option on the blue menu line.
There are now some new items for the Archive. In Records and CDs you'll find two new addtions, a LP version of the SuperStore Replay Selection 2 and a CD version of the Singing Corner's single. In Clothing we've got a new L&K T-shirt that features a back image and finally, for Other Items, there's a jigsaw puzzle featuring two characters that appeared on Swap Shop - Skip and Fluffy.

We've made a couple of changes to the Publicity Card section. The first is the way that the cards display when selected (now they're embedded on the page instead of displaying in a new window) and we've also added a collection of CBBC XChange cards that we've picked up whilst collecting the others.

And we've finally got around to adding the actual Top Ten Swap Cards from It Started With Swap Shop to the Archive's Other Items section.

Final update in a busy month, the Archive (and other bits of the site) now use the same image embedding as the Publicity Cards for objects that have a more detailed picture.
July 2007

There's a lot going on at Saturday Mornings HQ at the moment away from this very site which is keeping our attention, but here are a couple of new items for the Archive and a few bits of video that have been awaiting uploading - one of them for quite a while...

First a find that we're quite pleased about - a Saturday SuperStore mug, and secondly there's a T shirt from the CBBC yellow era.

You'll find a new Video clip over on the It Started With Swap Shop site featuring the introduction the show had on its repeat showing on BBC FOUR during their 'Children's Television on Trial' season, and here on the main site there's the Christmas titles for TMi which we've finally managed to get on the site some six and a bit months after they first broadcast...
May 2007

We've finally found a few spare minutes to update the Archive and Publicity Cards sections with some of the goodies we've manages to find over the last month or so...

In the Pens section we've got a earlier SuperStore pen that looks just like the Swap Shop one, in the Badges section there's a rare SuperStore badge featuring the show's 'SS' logo and there's also a badge from the Saturday Picture Show.

The Other Items section now has one of the iconic SuperStore items in it - the Saturday SuperStore Paper Carrier Bag! The CBBC section now has a Mug with the 'bugs' branding and there's also another mug - a rare one - in the Not Quite... section from the 1982 celebration of 60 Years of Children's Programmes.

There's a new Angellica Bell card in the CBBC section of Publicity Cards, which is joined by two cards of Sophie McDonnell and one of Mohini Sule. There's also another card featuring Dick and Dom which can be found in their section.
April 2007

We may have not updated the site much during March, but we did keep our eyes open for new items to add to the site...

Only Archive updates for the moment with a copy of the Going Live! Cat Book and a copy of Beeb Magazine Issue 1 (heavily featured on that week's SuperStore if you remember...)

There's also another 5 issues for the L&K Magazine archive - all helping to fill the huge gap in the earlier years.
March 2007

A lack of updates this month down was mainly to the webmaster producing a second website for Unique Television's latest project...
February 2007

First, a couple of items for the Archive we slipped in a little while ago. There's a Saturday SuperStore script and a 'I've been on Swap Shop' sticker.

Then we added a couple of revised Publicity Cards for the Live & Kicking section - there's a signed card of Emma Forbes (1st series) that replaces the copy we had and also the rare signed John Barrowman card too.

We've added a few old video clips to the Swap Shop Sound and Video section.

Programme Titles from 6 December 1980
Lucky Numbers Titles
Last Swap Shop Opening
Last Swap Shop Closing

Our thanks to Ian Norman for providing the recordings from which these clips have been taken.

As we allow ourselves to be distracted by CBBC in general, we've been quietly collecting Publicity Cards over the past few months, and our efforts can now be seen in the new CBBC Publicity Card section.
January 2007

New Year, new ideas!

We sort of tripped across the BBC Programme Catalogue on the Internet one idle lunchtime. This provides data feeds through the BBC Backstage programme that can be used freely on other websites.

So, with a quick bit of programming we've managed to add a BBC Catalogue item to all our sections that will allow you to call up the details of every Saturday morning programme - main and summer!

The content of the Programme Catalogue is provided by the BBC and is not under our control - so if there are gaps or inaccuracies then we can do nothing about them.

The first part of the It Started With Swap Shop site is now available.

And a really rare Publicity Card for the Summers section has come our way (then again, all of the summer ones tend to be...) featuring the UP2U team and signed by Anthea Turner.

Our thanks to Peter Cross for sending in a file of Yazoo performing Get Set Now which was one of the themes used for summer replacement Get Set. You can hear that in the Summer Sound and Video gallery.
December 2006

A new feature called Give Us A Call On... looking at the history of the main telephone numbers used by the programmes is now available in the Features section.

Time for an Archive update - nine new items for the CBBC section, and more specially a new addition to the Clothing section. We picked up a couple of Plastic Swap Shop Hats which were handed out to the audience of It Started With Swap Shop when we attended the recording on 15 December (and a great night it was too!)
November 2006

Thanks to the very nice people at TMi, we've just received by email a huge JPEG copy of the show's publicity card featuring Sam, Mark and Caroline. We've processed it down to the normal size, and you can see it in the new Publicity Card section from the TMi menu.

The first part of a new feature, Multi-Coloured Saturdays, is now online looking back at a 1996 programme of the same name that celebrated 20 years of the BBC's Saturday Morning programmes.

Two new items for the Archive. The first of these is another SuperStore pen - of a slightly more clunky throw-awayable type. The second is a really great addition to the Archive being a copy of the script for the first TMi.

And... there's a rather special badge that joins the Archive...
October 2006

Happy 30th Birthday BBC Saturday Morning Television!

Just a few minor housekeeping updates at present to fill a couple of gaps (one being on the News and Press links page) and we've introduced a Team page to the TMi section.

We've spent a great deal of the month putting together the It Started With Swap Shop site for Unique TV Productions to promote their BBC TWO 30th Anniversary Christmas special - so not much else got done! That's one reason that we changed server during the month... and also explains why the Sound and Video has moved to a new server too...

Incidentally, once the announcement about the programme went out on, the site took more than 40 times the traffic in nine hours than it normally does in a day..!

We have found time however to add TMi into the site logo - it's developing into a rather fine programme worthy of the Saturday morning slot.

Hopefully we'll have a little more time to update the site during November.
September 2006

We've introduced a slight redesign to the site to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the first edition of Swap Shop!

Along with the redesign, we've added our TMi section, featuring some information about the show along with video of trailers and the opening of the first show.

More items for the Archive...another CBBC T Shirt, an L&K Bag, a SuperStore Cassette tape and another script - this one for Going Live! And to Publicity Cards... In Going Live! there's new Phillip and Sarah cards (hand signed versions of a couple of preprints), in Replacements there's Kojo from the Mighty Truck of Stuff, and the one that pleases us most this time around is the first Maggie Philbin black and white card from Swap Shop.
August 2006

Finding items for the Archive can be quite exciting at times, and the last few weeks has been just that! Our largest find is a Swap Shop flag (the result of a competition held by the show) and it is a real flag and it is very large! The L&K Magazine Archive has got a key issue too - no less than ISSUE 1 from October 1993.

We've just got hold of Packer the Bear - a MTOS product. See him in the Other Items section.

We've added a CBBC section to the Archive to house our growing collection of CBBC items (obviously enough) - a bit of a side step content wise, but why not! See new CBBC items an Inflatable Radio,  Card Torch, Water Bottle, Keyring, Bag and T Shirt.

Just to bring the Replacements up to date, we've added the titles from The POD to the section's Sound and Video and we've also update the section's Shows guide.
July 2006

It's only 11am on the 1st of July (at the time of writing) and it's already pretty hot at Saturday Mornings HQ - so be warned, if the weather keeps this up then the updates will be few and far between for the foreseeable. (see the update for July 2005...)

Anyway, just a small update at the moment with something for the Archive in the shape of a copy of the VHS Dick and Dom video, and an updated Publicity Card for the SuperStore section - this being a signed version of the second David Icke card.

Update 8th July: It's quite a bit cooler now, so we're a lot happier and we can get on with some work on the site.

We've been fighting technical problems in the last week that prevented us from updating the site. Our provider has now sorted them out and we're actually coming to you from a brand new server which makes things a lot easier for us. Anyway...

We've added another script to the Archive - this one is from L&K's second series, and has been signed by some of the presenters and guests. And a change of L&K Publicity Card for Trev & Simon as we have one that you can see Simon's signature on - obviously he ran out of really pale ink!
June 2006

So May came and went, we went away on holiday and the site didn't get any updates... But enough of that, here's some odds and ends we've added to the web world that is Saturday Mornings this month...

We managed to source a couple more short clips of the Goodies at the Swap Shop Rock Garden Party, so we've edited them all together and the resulting clip replaces the previous version in the show's Audio and Video gallery (and on the Rock Garden Party page as well).

A few more nice Swap Shop items are now in the Archive. We've got hold of 3 more scripts from the final year of the show, and also the Back Page of the Radio Times from the week of the last Swap Shop - this was of course John Craven's weekly column and was suitably enough about the Swappie. You can see these items in the Scripts and Magazines sections of the Archive.

Talking of the Archive... somehow we managed not to document our Dick and Dom CD, but it's there now in the Records and CDs section along with a signed copy of the CD too!

We've also quietly been picking up copies of Live and Kicking Magazine - and our efforts can be seen in our gallery of the front covers. See the L&K Magazine link in the show's menu for those.
April 2006

We've added a brand new feature. It's no secret around these parts that we were great fans of DC Harry Batt, so as a way of making up for the lack of any more 'Geordie Copper capers' we've added a selection of his finest moments in a features called, rather obviously, Nae Body Move!

Away from Harry, there's some new Publicity cards for the Saturday Show section - well one new and one revised. The revised card is the Dani & Joe one, and the new one is a gem featuring Tiny & Mr Duk.

With the start of Mighty Truck of Stuff we've bundled it into the Replacements section and have the titles from the show, and also from the preview show Show Me the Truck.

A bit of juggling in the Archive sees the creation of our Not Quite Saturday Mornings - But Near Enough... section. This is to put those items that almost fit but don't quite - a bit obvious really. So we've moved our Children's BBC Mug and it will be joined in the near future by a couple of other items...

Just a quick mention for the new RSS feed of site updates that we're trialing (see the big orange RSS button down the page) - if you've got a news reader and subscribe to the feed you'll get the latest updates as they happen.

It's not often we get excited... but we've just got hold of what must be one of the rarest publicity cards - we've never seen it before now!

Who's is it? Well, wander over to the Swap Shop section of the publicity cards and see none other than Posh Paws!
March 2006

So, Dick and Dom have gone from our screens, but their presence has left a very distinctive mark on Saturday Mornings!

We've added two more video clips from the show both featuring songs! One is the rather cool Harry Batt song and the other features the Prize Idiot singing his goodbyes!

Over in the Archive you can see two more of the books that were released with D&D branding, along with a copy of the 2006 book that has been signed.

Away from the duo, we've got a couple of music tapes from L&K that join their CD relations in the Archive.

Three additions to the Publicity Cards to mention. One of Noel Edmonds (in glorious Black and White) joins the Swap Shop selection, the missing Andi Peters card is now alongside his other two on the L&K page, and finally we've got a card from FBi that has been signed on the back by the three hosts.
February 2006

To make up for the real lack of any decent updates so far this year, we've been on a quest to dig out some old bits from deep in our archives and add a smattering of new stuff too - just trying to keep you all happy!

First the new... We've added another 3 books from the current glut of Dick and Dom related merchandise and also the board game from the show too. See these in the Books and Other Items sections of the Archive. There's also a Video offering from the boys' show with Raymond Newsreader making an appearance with his Dad.

Then the not so old... An updated version of video we had of the opening of the very first Live & Kicking from 1993 is now on the site. Apart from being in our larger format, it also now includes the team opening the show. And talking of L&K we've got two L&K cards that were signed by Andi and Emma in the Archive - see Other Items for those.

Then the old... Something for those of us who remember watching Swap Shop some twenty-something years ago (yes, the webmaster is really that old!) - we've added a couple of video clips. Firstly you can see Noel closing the AM-UK special and the credits that followed, and then how about reliving those moments of the Swap Shop Top Ten Swaps Board! We've dug out the entire sequence from the last but one Swappie. Remember those 'wants' that started 'Anything to do with...'?
January 2006

The Christmas Present Videos for 2005 have now been retired, but will make a return at a later date in a different shorter version.

Anyway, we've got some new stuff in the Archive - including one gem! There's a spate of Dick and Dom material avaiable at the moment, and we've got the first two of our items (with more to come soon!) namely the Mucktivity Book and the Fantastic FunFile.

A bit more Dick and Dom for you in the Publicity Card section as we've got there latest card (preprinted) and also an early CBBC card (hand signed)

The gem for the Archive is a Saturday Picture Show Mug - a really rare item from the first season of the show in 1983.

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