Swing Your Pants...

Here's a collection of the manic duo's creations from Going Live! and Live & Kicking... Go on, Swing Your Pants... you know you want to!

Wheeling and a Dealing!

Here are the dodgy Sister Brothers with yet another bargain for the viewers.

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Swing Your Pants!

French and Saunders get caught up in the fun that accompanied the acres of swaying trousers...

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I Love My Shirt

Do you have a shirt that you really like? Yes? Then this is the Singing Corner track for you!

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Want a Nut? Here's Two...

Short and quite disturbing - you have been warned!

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Strange... Very...

Just how strange can a tin of plum tomatoes be? The World of the Strange have their own personal take on the subject...

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Have You Ever Stroked a Weasel?

We don't think Michelle Gayle (then of EastEnders) quite knew what she was letting herself in for in the very first Star Driving Test from Live & Kicking - a slot that would become a Trev & Simon classic!

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We Don't Do Duvets!

Here's a compilation clip of those Dry Cleaners - The Draper Brothers, who will clean all sort of items for their celebrity customer, except for a certain item of bed linen...

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Back to the Future!

A short but interesting clip beamed back to Live & Kicking from the future - or foo-ta as them seem to call it!

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