Comic Relief in da Bungalow
The Games

Dick and Dom always get the Bungalow Heads playing very silly games...

Here's what the celebrities had to endure...

Fairly Hairy Fizzogs

The game starts with the Bungalow Heads all sporting a 'bald head'. Laid out in front of each of them is a bowl of muck and a bucket of hair, donated by celebrities. The Bungalow Heads have to cover their head and face with the muck and stick on the hair to create their appropriately adorned fizzogs. Points are awarded as deemed appropriate.

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Celebrity Pet Race

Each of the celebrities own personal pet lines up on a race track. A number of callers pick their choice to win the race. The pets then race and the winner celeb get a number of points as chosen by Dick or Dom. If one of the callers backs the winning pet, they win something.

Musical Splatues

This nice simple game starts with all the Bungalow Heads dancing around to music. When the music stops they must become completely still. The Bungalow Head deemed to be least still is eliminated from the game and gets a pie in the face for their troubles. The game continues until a winner is found.

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Fat On Your Back

The Bungalow Heads are dressed up as really fat monks and laid down on their backs. The aim of the game is to stand up. The first to do so wins, the last one up donates 50 to Comic Relief.

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Repetition Competition

Two teams of three are formed with one Bungalow Head being selected to take part on the team's behalf - the rest of the team are gagged. One of the Bungalow Heads then has to repeat back a growing list of words, mostly pretty silly, until they falter. The other Bungalow Head then performs the same task. Whoever repeats the most words is the winner.

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The Outboard Motor Gob Game

Each Bungalow Head takes a turn at the helm of the boy's boat, and has to provide propulsion by simply blowing a raspberry. The Bungalow Head who gobs for the longest wins the spoils.

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Mucky Puddle Power Show Game

When the power goes off in da Bungalow, it must be time for this game. The Bungalow Heads have to get on their bikes and generate power. Unfortunately for them, as they pedal they get showered in muck - more if they pedal faster. The Bungalow Head who generates the most power, according to the display, wins.

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What A Sweaty Flap

Each of the Bungalow Heads is piped to a reservoir of water. When the flap their arms up and down, they 'sweat' the water all down their faces. The competitor who has produced the most sweat (i.e. has the least remaining in their reservoir) wins.

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Celebrity Two Word Tango

Two Bungalow Heads take part at a time, dancing together to the music. When the demonstrated gap in the music appears, they must take it in turn to provide the name of a celebrity. Simple? Yes, but as the music gathers pace, the brains appear to slow. The couple who provide the longest list win.

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Painty Painty Painty Painty...

The Bungalow Heads simply have to paint themselves to resemble a red nose in this game. That's it. Points are at the hosts' discretion.

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Don't Go Daddy

The three teams of two Bungalow Heads each have one aim in mind - to stop Daddy leaving them for work. The team who manage to best stop their Daddy from reaching the finishing line, by what ever means it takes, wins the game.

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Pumpy Rumpy

Three teams of two take part in this game. One Bungalow Head pumps and their team mate experiences the phenomenon of the growing rump. Which ever team has the largest rump at the end of the allotted time wins.

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