Comic Relief in da Bungalow
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The short run of programmes for Comic Relief brought a whole load of great moments.

Here's a selection of trailer, titles and moments from the shows.

Trailer - 'So, you want to be a Bungalow Head?'

Here's the full-length trailer for Comic Relief in da Bungalow that first ran a week before the antics started.

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Trailer 2 - Celebrities Beware - Pants Dance

This is the first of two short teaser trailers for the shows...

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Trailer 3 - Celebrities Beware - Muck Muck

...and this the second short teaser trailer for the shows.

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Comic Relief in da Bungalow Titles

Here's the variation of the show's titles for the Comic Relief specials.

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Diddy Dick Gives Diddy Dom a Red Nose...

Here's the first outing of the week for those two diddy chaps who live in the cupboard. Diddy Dick gives Diddy Dom a red nose - it all so easily could end in tears!

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Lisa Scott-Lee's Muckaoke

The daily Muckaoke vote soon sorted out who the viewers wanted to see covered in Muck... To end the week of programmes Lisa Scott-Lee got the vote and gave us this rather unique performance of I Should Be So Mucky!

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