Our favourite Bungalow character was without doubt DC Harry Batt. Harry's weekly antics in the final season of the show brought a Geordie chaos to the proceeding - and we loved it!

Here's a collection of some of Harry's finest moments.

Making an Entrance

Can you imaging the sheer expense of replacing all of those front doors that DC Harry Batt smashed to pieces every time he made an entrance?

Ouch! No matter, he's a Hard Copper!

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Nae Body Move!

The first ever 'Nae Body Move!' went - to say the least - a little pear shaped and it spiralled into an ever deepening pool of poopy woo.

Never mind.

Harry joins in with the Garden Dance to fill the gap in the show.

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Terrible Police Joke

I say, I say, I say... what do you get if you find a Geordie Copper in the undergrowth?

A terrible police joke - that's what you get...

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Little Harry

Little Harry seems to be annoying big Harry - especially with his 80s references...

Agggghhhh! Quick someone get a doctor!

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It's a Mystery to Me...

It's a mystery to me...

Well, actually it isn't - this is just an example of what can happen if you get your digits caught up in the technology...

'For the usual fee... plus expenses...'

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Oh, PC Carty...

It must be Christmas in da Bungalow judging by Harry's head gear.

He happens to pass his colleague PC Carty in the corridor, who has some news on the McCafferty case.

Someone keep Dick quiet!

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Breakin' the Law

What Harry has got to ask you is have you been Breakin' the Law?

You've got nae where to hide...

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Harry Batt's Song

Every great detective should have their own theme song, and Harry Batt is not an exception to the rule.

What a cool cat... Harry Batt.

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