Before They Were Famous

It seems that most of today's celebs have a televisual past they would probably like to forget - but thanks to the BBC, we get a yearly outing of those clips. Here's a small selection of clips that came from programmes that have been part of the Saturday Mornings world.

    Saturday SuperStore - Sophie Dahl


Long, long before she became a top model, Sophie Dahl popped up on SuperStore along side her rather famous Grandfather.

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    Saturday SuperStore - Matt Lucas


Making an appearance in the Store's Coffee Shop, long before he was 'the only gay in the village', Matt Lucas asks a question on punishment.

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    It's Wicked - David Beckham


Little did we know that that this tiny little person who showed us his tremendous ball skills would play as captain for his country, and also become one of the most annoying talked about players in history!

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    The 8:15 From Manchester - Anna Friel


This is an early appearance by Anna Friel on what is claimed to be the above mentioned programme. It's obviously some 'drama' insert in the programme, but we've no idea what it was!

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    The 8:15 From Manchester - Robbie Williams


An early appearance from Take That! gave the cheeky monkey a chance to show off his skills in impersonating. Hmmm...

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    Fully Booked Audition Tape - Gail Porter


Long before she was a familiar face Gail Porter made an audition tape for Fully Booked (along with Grant Stott).

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