Stills Gallery: Saturday SuperStore

Saturday Morning, get down to the SuperStore....

Well here's the Store's General Manager, Mike Read and the king of Newsround John Craven at the start of another show.

A wise move - keep Cheggers out of the studio!

He's out with the delivery van (the then old Radio 1 Roadshow caravan) where he would interview and introduce live music acts.

Here's Mike on the phone (he's actually talking to Elton John in Dallas)

Remember the fun we all had trying to rearrange the letters in 'General Manager' to make witty and clever anagrams, such as A Larger Man Gene or Engage Learn Arm?

Here's the very first ever television performance by Wet, Wet, Wet on the delivery van stage!

Here's Sarah Greene (or the Saturday Girl as she was known) trying to not look quite so silly in 80's fashions by clipping some huge ugly earrings onto the General Manager!

Incidentally, ever wondered what happened to the SuperStore clock? Click here to visit the Archive and find out!

This is a still from the infamously awful Two Left Feet video.

It probably seemed like such a good idea - as Mike always had 'being a pop-star' dreams - to rope in the rest of the team and make a record.

Brown Sauce it was not...

There's Margaret Thatcher with Keith and Crow (thankfully gagged!) in the Staff Room.

The show had a guest-list to die for over the years - they even managed to rope the then PM into appearing on the Pop Panel!

For more on Mrs Thatcher's appearance on SuperStore check out the Features section...

Prince Edward dropped in to announce the winner of the Saturday SuperStore Search for A SuperStar and stayed for the rest of the morning.

Here he is answering questions from the viewers.


After five years, the SuperStore closed it's doors for the last time.

Here's Mike and Sarah closing things down.

Incidentally, the lady who is wedged in between Mike and Midge Ure is Carolyn Marshall.

Who's She? Well, she has the dubious honour of being the co-presenter of probably the worst Saturday Morning summer replacement ever - which was It's Wicked... Check out the Summer Replacements section for the full horror of the programme!

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