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Top Ten Lists

The Swap Shop Top Ten Board made a welcome appearance with its main purpose being to display the three Top Ten lists that were featured on the programme, and voted for by visitors to this website in the weeks leading up to the recording.

The board, however, initially contained a classic set of ten 'swaps', which were humourous and topical.

Click on a Top Ten below to display the list...

Top Ten Swaps
Top Ten Music
Top Ten Star Guests
Top Ten Ghastly Moments

The offers/wants cards were fixed to the Top Ten Board using Velcro strips which meant that the cards could be changed to display the three Top Ten Lists during the course of the programme.

Incidentally the actual 'classic' swap cards that were used on the programme were kindly sent to us by the production team at Unique Television after the recording as a memento of the programme, and can be seen in the main site's Archive.

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