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Saturday SuperStore managed during its 1986/87 run to pull off something that most news programmes would have killed for - to get all three leaders of the main political parties on the show in succession.

And to boot, the children watching the show could ring in and ask questions - and remember its the kids who can ask the most awkward questions!

The sequence started with David Steele representing the SDP Liberal Alliance. Labour Leader Neil Kinnock followed and this of course led to the ruling Conservative Party and their leader Margaret Thatcher.

Each of the three came into the studio to take part on the show and answer calls - and even get involved in the SuperStore tradition of Pop Panel! This of course led to some rather interesting panel line ups, and some even more interesting perspectives on the music of the current pop scene.


Each of the party leaders would initially be introduced by John Craven who would have a talk with them. Later he would take phone calls with them from viewers.

Each leader also brought along a prize for the also traditional SuperStore competition. Click on the video link below to see a brief recap of what each of them had to offer.

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The most interesting of the editions was when Margaret Thatcher came in. As Prime Minister and one of the most powerful leaders in the then nuclear weapon ridden world it never was going to be anything other than interesting!


Keith Chegwin was given a break from the delivery van this particular week, and had the dubious honour of interviewing the PM in the surrounds of the Staff Room. Crow was in attendance, but someone had the great idea to gag him!

This video is a clip from Multi-Coloured Saturdays where Keith reveals one of the more bizarre facts that he found out whilst interviewing the PM.

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In our final clip of video, broadcast in 2004, SuperStore General Manager Mike Read remembers the occasion and just how awkward those questions from the children could be!

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Just to finish things off on this subject...

As a way of a slightly curious gift to commemorate the event, Mrs Thatcher presented a picture of herself with a handwritten dedication to the SuperStore team.

You can see a clearer picture of the dedication below, with a copy of a newspaper cartoon published shortly after her SuperStore appearance.

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