To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of BBC Saturday Morning television, a special one-off programme called Multi-Coloured Saturdays was broadcast on 26 August 1996.

This programme took a look back at the then four programmes that had featured in the slot and had interviews with many of the presenters and also some of those who worked to bring the programmes to the screen.

We're often asked us what brought us to create this site, the answer... the re-watching of a video of this programme!

This feature will develop as the Webmaster's time permits, but to start with let have a look at the start of the show and a couple of sequences from the Swap Shop section of the programme...


Here's Noel's Introduction to the show which is preceded by the continuity announcement over the BBC 1 Globe.

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Multi-Coloured Saturdays Titles

The titles was made up of a montage of the then four programme's titles using television screens that defined the fashions of the particular era.

Incidentally, we used these titles to create the site's graphics.

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Never seen - the man up in the roof... Eric of course.

Here are Edward Barnes (former deputy Head of BBC Children's) and Rosemary Gill (Swap Shop's creator and editor) talking about the creation of and following of the mystery man.

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Here's Noel trying his best not to laugh whilst making a link into a brief sequence about Tiswas that featured on the show.

He's behind you...

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