L&K: Life After Death

Just when we'd all thought that L&K had been killed off, buried and forgotten about - a sort of weird feeling of deja-vu crops up during Children In Need on 16th November 2001 when the set makes a return from the grave as part of BBC Scotland's contribution.

Here, thanks to Jon Bufton, are some screen shots of the Scottish CIN and the old L&K set.

Just what you need, a typical Children In Need audience and presenters
And here's Heather Suttie - not a stranger to the old L&K set having taken over from Katy Hill for the show's summer decamp to Glasgow.
Here's he Home Area complete with Pudseys on the plasma screens. They've probably used that desk from old 'online' area to use in place of the beanbag type environment that L&K used.
The wide shot proves it's L&K less the branding. And  it seems a little silly to have the Gunk Tank not use it.
Yes, there we go! Apparently it's Trevor from EastEnders in the tank.

It nearly didn't work, mind you it had been lying around idle since mid September.
You can just see a big 'CIN' logo in the background, which is very nicely covering over the old 'L&K' one.
The 'performance stage' makes a return too, largely unchanged - seems BBC Scotland managed to make great use of most of the old set.
Seemingly all of it, there are the girders in the roof too.


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