The Leprechauns - Trivia
Don Austen (Mr Sage) writes on the Leprechauns...

"John (Eccleston) and I created, built (Darryl Worbey Studios), performed, and continue to own the copyright to the Leprechauns.  We provided CBBC's Live & Kicking with a complete package, writing all our own material, with John scribbling madly one week, myself the next, and so on."

"John and I were Bro & Bro, THE WOLVES on rival "WHAT'S UP DOC?" series 1 & 2 writing and performing for the first show to regularly beat L&K in the ratings....not SMTV as the papers would have folks believe!  Hence being poached.  After we left WUD, John's Wolf was taken over by Dave Chapman puppeteer for Tiny (& Mr Duk) on The Saturday Show!"

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Updated September 2002

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