The Leprechauns
  This Saturday Mornings feature was created in honour of those Little Green Men (and Woman) - The Leprechauns. This came about following two emails that were received here at the site's HQ back in 2002.

The first was from Darryl Worbey, the joint creator of The Leprechauns and owner of the studios that brought them to life, and the second followed from Don Austen, who played Mr Sage.

Don very kindly supplied lots of information, which you can browse from the links below, and also sent the picture that adorns this page.

Thanks to Don for his contributions to the site.
Also, visit Darryl's site at

> Leprechaun Trivia
> Don Austen (Mr Sage)
> John Eccleston (Mr Onion)
> Rebecca Nagan (Shamrock)
> Future Projects

Updated September 2002

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