The Leprechauns - Future Projects
Don Austen (Mr Sage) writes on his and John's future projects

"John and I are in the process of writing a much vaunted comedy/drama vehicle for the Leps. Completing a Leprechaun book."

"Also, further to enjoying a crazy game show pilot in Belfast with team member Patrick Kielty (against opposing team captains Zig & Zag) we are working on a unique game show format........."

"Our next ratings winning comedy "puppet double act" which we're looking to place, showcases an amusing old DEVIL balanced against a beautifully be-winged ANGEL. Appealing to our broadside family audience, we look forward to ambling down the path of rightousness. Interest from more than one TV company means they'll be winging their way onto screens sooner rather than later."

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Updated September 2002

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