The Leprechauns - Don Austen
Don Austen as Mr Sage ended up being the longest running presenter on Live & Kicking running up five of the show's eight series - outstripping the nearest 'human' by two series!

Don has done a great deal of puppeteering work in his career, which you can see below. The list is in no particular order.

2000 plus breakfast shows as award winning DJ KAT for Sky One BSKYB.
8 series of Spitting Image.
Wally Blubb The Walrus in BSKYB's "The Fun Factory."
Puppeteer; "Labyrinth."
Earl E. Bird, Channel 4 breakfast show.
Dasher The Reindeer "Santa Claus The Movie."
Inside the Ghost Of Christmas Present and The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come in 'The Muppet Christmas Carol.'
Puppeteer /Audrey 2 plant co-ordinator: "The Little Shop Of Horrors." Warner Bros.
Operating animatronic features of Star Wars Jedi Master YODA on The Phantom Menace.
Sage & Shamrock guest on French & Saunders' Christmas Special "THE MAKING OF TITANIC," and "JD's Generation Game."
The Wolves, Whats Up Doc? Also writing & performing the 5 Bro & Bro spin off comedy/drama series 'WOLF IT' for CITV.
Puppeteer "The Muppet Treasure Island."
Mr. Sage, The Leprechauns, L&K & L&K Friday. Writing & performing all material.
Whizziwig the Alien, CITV.
Coggesley, for CITV's 'The Timekeepers Of The Milennium.'
Big Al The Alligator, BBC 'Clever Creatures.'
Iver Hoob, THE HOOBS C4. Jim Henson Co.
Evil cousin Mortimer Brush for the new 'Basil Brush Show.'

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Updated September 2002

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