Comic Relief in da Bungalow
About Comic Relief

What is Comic Relief? Well it's all about raising money for projects in both the UK and Africa by having a good time and a bit of a laugh.

Comic Relief was launched in 1985, and up to 2003 there had been 9 Red Nose Days. The RND'03 raised just short of 61.5 million, and in total Comic Relief had raised a stonking 337 million!

In total over 7,000 projects had benefited from Comic Relief's fund raising.

In the UK, Comic Relief has put money towards:

Young people who have been struggling with life, with such problems as homelessness or mental health.
Helping women and Children who have experienced Domestic Violence.
Refugees and Asylum Seekers who have had to flee their country through fear of persecution.
Older People who have received less that the respect and dignity than they deserve.
Local Communtities who are working to fight poverty and disadvantage.

In Africa, Comic Relief has supported:

People who have been affected by conflict and war.
Women and Girls who find themselves working long hours to support their families.
Disabled People who are suffering from discrimination.
Helping people who make a living from raising goats, sheep or cattle.
People living with HIV and AIDS.

At the close of BBC One's Comic Relief programme, the total for RND'05 stood at just over 37.8 million.

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