Timewarp: 1977 - Radio Times 8-14 Oct.

Here's a recreation of the entry on page 20 of this particular copy of the Radio Times heralding the beginning of the second series of Swap Shop.

The Swappie was the third programme that day on BBC ONE (sorry BBC1). The schedule kicked off with that old cloth cat who was baggy and a bit loose at the seems - Bagpuss, then along came Gymnast a 'series of eight programmes about one of the fastest growing sports in the world'

Following on afterwards at Midday (preceded by Michael Fish's weather forecast) was of course Grandstand.

The associated feature on page 78 is available by clicking here

9.30 New Series 
Swap Shop

He's Back!
Noel Edmonds opens a new season of the swapping with the Stars, the Experts, the Collector and you. Join in by phone or by postcard and you might make the swap of a lifetime.
Calling All Callers
Swap Shop
lines open at 9.30 and there's a new phone number. It's 01-811 8055 and there's a monster reminder from Posh Paws on page 78 on how to get through to us.

The Great Grape Ape's Around
with Flying Saucer

Do you want to be a reporter?  
Then join in News Swap with John Craven
Give him a ring on the story of the day, or write to him with your news. John's going to try and follow up the best stories. Yours could be one of them.

Keith Chegwin's back with Swaporama
Bring your toys, records, books, games or anything else you want to swap (except pets!) to . . . ? Keith's not saying where until this morning. It is a sports ground somewhere in Britain, but you won't score if you guess where! The supposed to be a clue and it should narrow down the spot to find Keith to one of about 50,000 places!

Talking of sport, have a Grandstand View of Frank Bough
He'll be calling in to swap and chat this morning. Ring him or write now if there's something you specially want to know about the television sports scene.


Nac Uoy Klat Ekil Siht?
Janice Cairns and Sandra Deacon can! What's more, they'll be calling into BBC Glasgow to prove it to Anne Lorne Gillies and to you. They learned how to do it from Swap Shop, and if you'd like to try you can pick up a tip or two from Bill Homewood of the National Theatre, Britain's leading expert. Calling in from Glasgow too, at about 11.30, will be Oel Reyas - so don't miss him and his latest hit.

10.45* Noel likes a cup of coffee and a cartoon about now. How about you? Brew up in good time and settle down to
Dastardly and Muttley
in Camouflage Hoperoo
(Hope you can spot them!)

Bags and Bags of Swapping  
with Angela Hamblin
You'll recognise her when you see her photo on page 80, and if you are thinking of starting a colourful inexpensive collection, why not start swapping with Angela.

Swap of the Pops
Heatwave hits Swap Shop with an exclusive preview track from their new album.

Secombe No Further!
He's here!
Harry Secombe will be bringing a swap along this morning at about 11.45. You can ring him on 01-811 8055.

Do You Want to be on Swap Shop?
Have you got an unusual collection, a news story for John, an unusual skill or talent? Then perhaps you will be. Write to Noel and tell him all about it, and if your idea's good enough, the BBC might open you local studio specially for you! You might be picked to call into Swap Shop some Saturday morning, just like Sandra and Janice. So go on - have a try!

Noel's Top Ten Swap
If you've wanted to swap and you've never got the address right  - you won't find it here! It's on page 78 in Posh Paws's monster guide.


Feature p78

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