Before the 'Swappie'

We know it all began on 2nd October 1976 with the launch of Swap Show, but just how did it all come about and what was on offer before to challenge Saturday Morning Cinema?
    L&K: Life After Death

So just when you think L&K's been killed off, buried and forgotten about, up pops it's set again as part of another programme!
    Before They Were Famous

It's amazing just how many of today's celebs have turned up on old programmes. This section has clips from Saturday Morning shows that happen to have a celeb bundled in before fame!
    The Leprechauns

All about those little green men... This information on The Leprechauns from Live & Kicking has been kindly supplied to the site by Don Austen who played Mr Sage.
    Spin Off Shows

There were a number of shows that were 'spin offs' from Swap Shop and SuperStore. Here we have a look back at those mainly musical offerings and can say 'What happened to...?'
    Swing Your Pants

Trev and Simon made comedy on a Saturday Mornings their very own with a distinct and manic variety of humour. We salute them with this selection of video of some of their creations.
    News and Press Links

There are news stories and press releases relating to Saturday Mornings going back to 1999 on bbc.co.uk, and to make your life easier here they all are...
    Timewarp 1977

We take you back to Saturday 8 October 1977 and recreate the Swap Shop listing from the Radio Times and also the associated Swappie feature.
    Comic Relief 2005

As part of Comic Relief in 2005, Dick and Dom broke the main rule of the bungalow and allowed celebrities in for a week of silliness. See who, what and why.
    PM on SuperStore

During the mid 1980's SuperStore managed to get the leaders of the Political Parties on the show, most memorably was the visit of the then PM, Margaret Thatcher.
    Nae Body Move!

He's the Geordie Copper who brought chaos and surreal moments to the Bungalow. We celebrate our favourite character with a selection of his finest moments.
    Multi-Coloured Saturdays

1996 saw the 20th Anniversary of BBC Saturday Morning television, and a special programme was broadcast to mark the occasion. Here's the first part of our feature on the programme - more will follow...
    Give Us A Call On...

A history of the phone numbers that have let viewers call the shows over the years.
    Media Appearances

A selection of the times that Saturday Mornings has featured in the media over the last few years.

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