Saturday Mornings: Content Usage Policy

We have invested a great deal of time (and occasionally some money) putting together the content for Saturday Mornings. Because of interest from other webmasters, we have a policy for those who would like to use some of our content on their own website.

Written Content
Our written content may not be copied and used by any other website.

We do not allow other sites to use our graphics. We have spent over 4 years developing our site's style and therefore we do not consider it reasonable to allow another site to use part of our graphical look. We also do not encourage 'direct-linking' to any of our graphics to be included in other sites - our usage statistics will show if this is happening and a request will be made for any such link to be removed.

Sound and Video
We have had a policy about sharing Sound and Video files ('clips') in place for several years, however with an increase in webmasters making requests to include content we have on their sites, reluctantly, we have had to make some amendments to ensure that Saturday Mornings continues to include unique content.

We spend a lot of time sourcing and processing our audio and video content. All of our content has been either sourced by ourselves or donated by site visitors, we have never used content from another site.

We are prepared to authorise other websites to use some of our clips on request, however we now restrict usage to those clips that we deem to be 'general' such as title sequences. These are clips that could have captured by anyone with a reasonable amount of effort on any number of occasions over a period of at least 4 weeks.

Any 'one-off' clips, such as an out-take or part of a programme, will not be made available - this is to ensure that Saturday Mornings continues to feature unique content. We consider this to be fair as we have made the effort to source and proscess the clips, and don't see really why we should allow other sites to just simply copy all of our content, especially where a site does not make any effort to contain any original material sourced by itself.

At all times, we reserve the right to refuse authorisation to use of any of our clips without explanation.

If we authorise the usage of any of our clips on another site, the following conditions will apply:
Each clip must be stored within the requesting site's own webspace and therefore accessed through its bandwidth and not ours.
Each clip file must not be altered in any way and must continue to display the '' tag in the clip description when played.
Each clip must be individually acknowledged to Saturday Mornings to make it clear that is where the clip is originally from. We ask that you also include at least one link back to this site on your page.
If an updated version of a clip we have previously authorised you to use is made available on Saturday Mornings, you must request to use that updated clip.
We reserve the right to request to ask that any clip that have we have previously authorised for use be removed from your site.
Failure to comply with the above will eventually result in us requesting that all clips sourced from Saturday Mornings be removed from your site.

The uploading of any of our clips by a user to a video sharing site such as 'YouTube' is permitted providing the Saturday Mornings titles remain in place on the clips.

These conditions supercede all previous conditions that we have issued. If you feel that you cannot comply or agree with these conditions, then please do not ask to use our clips. Please remember that we are just protecting the uniqueness of Saturday Mornings.

Some people may consider these conditions to be a little strict, but if you had created this website and we came along and used all of your content that you had spent many hours sourcing and processing, then we expect you would feel the same way too.

If you have any comments on our policies, please contact the webmaster.

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