The Saturday Mornings Archive

The Saturday Mornings Archive is where a lot of the material for the site originates from.

We've organised it into fifteen sections containing 185 items, so click on a section below to see what we've got stashed away. There's also a Magazines sub-section for our collection of Live & Kicking Magazines.

Please note: This section is for interest only - we cannot copy any of the items in the archive, or make them available for any other purpose.


Pin it on and wear it with pride.

Swap Shop, SuperStore, Going Live! and how to make a certain purple dinosaur.

See the actual SuperStore clock and one from L&K.

What the best dressed watcher of Saturday Morning programmes could wear.

Publications that feature the Saturday Mornings shows.
    Magazines: Live & Kicking Magazine

A Magazine sub-section that contains our L&K Magazines, including Issue 1.

Tea or coffee? Choose your drinking vessel here.

Something to write with.

Original photos from the shows.
    Records and CDs

I Wanna Be A Winner and other audio delights that hit the shops.

Without these, Saturday Mornings simply wouldn't have existed.

Remember the Swap Shop sticker? How about the rare Swappie Car Sticker?
    Videos and DVDs

Trev and Simon's antics, Mr Schofield's adventures, Dick and Dom's mess.
    Other Items

All sorts of other rare and not so rare items - like the Swap Shop game.
    Not Quite...

The title sort of says it all... items that are not quite but close enough to be included.

A slight side step for the site content, but here are our CBBC items.

The publicity cards we have are displayed in their own section which can be accessed by clicking here.

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